Saturday, April 2, 2011

Meeting a Gay Courtesan

A few months ago, I met a guy online whom I found endlessly fascinating. Intelligent as well as educated, his blog and twitter posts captured my interest and I found myself striking up a dialogue with him. As a self-published author, I was flattered when he asked me to guest post for his blog but I have to admit, I was shocked when he asked me to lunch. Had we been standing next to each other in person, I’m sure I’d have looked around to see who he was talking to. A shy geeky software developer, and a girl to boot. Why on earth would Devon Hunter want to have lunch with me?
But…I agreed.
I DM’d him my cell phone number on Twitter, believing that he would “be too busy” or “catch malaria” when the time came, so I didn’t think much else about it. Then, the texts started to come. He had arrived in Chicago on Thursday and decided to go to an art gallery during the morning, from which he sent me beautiful images of some artwork he’d love to have. We sent message back and forth all day long. To be honest, the idea that he would share those things with me made me feel special.
Friday morning came, and we talked about where we would meet. At first, I suggested Lou Malnatti’s because it’s as much a Chicago institution as Wrigley Field or Lake Shore Drive. But alas, his voice wasn’t up to a crowded restaurant after screaming himself hoarse at the Janet Jackson concert a few nights earlier. I thought for sure he would cancel.  Instead, we decided on a quieter restaurant.
Still texting back and forth, we arrived at Kinzie Chop House which is a wonderful place on Kinzie and Wells near the Merchandise Mart. After he’d been so kind, and so welcoming to me, I wanted to take him someplace special.
I had already been seated when he arrived, and felt a little silly sitting with a copy of my book looking out the window like a lost puppy. But then, he was there and he was as beautiful in person as his profile pictures would lead you to believe. Because he is a warm and friendly southern man, the first thing he did was hug me which helped to put my nervousness in the back of my mind. Then, he held out his hand and introduced himself, and I laughed. From that moment until our lunch finished nearly two hours later, he was charming and funny. We talked about everything from blogs to escorting to the Panthers not being able to hit any homeruns in order to get into the World Cup. Rather than feeling awkward because of what some may consider his celebrity status, it was like talking to a guy you’ve known all of your life.
So, if you read a few of his reviews and they mention how incredibly personable Devon is and how he can put you at ease simply with the power of his conversation; believe it because it’s a perfect description.
Devon Hunter's Blog - An Online Diary of a Gay Courtesan

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