Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Grabbys

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I would be in the hospital last week. Everything went very well, and it looks like things may be smooth sailing from here *crosses fingers*. Being in the hospital last week meant that I was unable to attend the Grabbys here in Chicago with my friends @_Absynthe and @Blaculicious who sent tons of images and a play by play of the fun so that I could live vicariously. :)

With their permission, I'm sharing images from some of their exploits this weekend and all I have to say is... I can't wait until next year.

We'll start with the man that I would be most interested to meet - Tony Buff.  @_Absynthe linked me to his work Industrial Encounters, and I have to say that I'm intrigued.

Next, we'll go with Kennedy Carter because even if I'd never seen a scene with him in it, he's easily one of my favorite guys. Funny, charming, and sweet - all of my friends who have met him say the same thing - he's a hell of a nice guy.

And now to Parker Perry - I don't think I've ever seen a more gorgeous more natural picture of a guy.

And he seems very fond of Donny Wright... 

Wow - I almost didn't recognize Brent Corrigan.

Last, but certainly not least - porn's favorite power couple: Samuel Colt and Chris Porter

There are other images, some pretty explicit, but they may have people in them who aren't models. I'll let them post their own images on the internet.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Will ya miss me while I'm gone?

So that rumors don't run rampant around Twitterville, I thought I would go ahead and address this in a blog post. Tuesday, I will be going into the hospital and will be unavailable for a couple of weeks.

Should complications arise, I have given access to my various media outlets to my friend @_absynthe who will communicate with you if it were to become necessary.

What will this mean going forward?
The Little Boy Lost series will continue, I'm hoping to keep it is as close to the established schedule as possible. The third book, Little Boy Lost: Vanished will be published July 18th, and the fourth book is currently in process. I will not be able to put out as much free fiction, or short stories as I have this year. Writing novels and publishing for you will remain in my top three as far as priorities go, but the amount of time I will have to devote to it will diminish and be shifted to my health because I also continue to have a full-time career.

Thank you for your thoughts during this time, and I will see you in a couple of weeks.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mastering the Ride featuring cover model Trent Diesel

I am incredibly excited to share with you the new cover for Mastering the Ride recently designed by The cover features gay adult film model Trent Diesel (@TrentDiesel69) in an image he shot specifically for this novella. 

Mastering the Ride will be released September 14th by Dreamspinner Press.

What's it about?
The story Mastering the Ride is about Josh, a young gay submissive man who is searching for the Master of his dreams. After being released by his most recent Dom, he takes the advice of his trainer and accepts the invitation of a Dom who lives on a ranch in Montana. With his new Master, Wade, he may just find what he's looking for...and more.

Draft Excerpt:

Spread your legs…wider…
Josh shifted his weight from one knee to the other as he widened his stance and felt the rug grate across his skin.  He balanced himself with his palms on the couch, something he never would have needed to do while sober.  The muscles in his thighs burned with tension but the pain just added to the thrill.  Steadying himself, he reached down with both hands and began with soft, brief touches.  Stroking his shaft with his right hand, he let his left brush lightly on the top of his thigh.  With his eyes closed, he could almost imagine that the hands belonged to his Master.
Not bothering to censor his needy whimper, Josh tightened the grip on his cock and rolled his balls gently in his fingers.  He felt wanton and exposed in that position, everything accessible to his Master.  It excited him to imagine the look of hunger upon the unseen man’s face as he watched his boy perform for him.
Sneaking his fingers a little farther back, he rubbed the small patch of skin just behind his tender pink sac.  In reaction, his other hand to move a little faster.  Naked and spread in the middle of his small living room, Josh worked his body, making it beg for release.  Spitting into his hand, he no longer cared about modesty or shame as his hips began to move against the rhythm of his strokes.  With slow, teasing thrusts of his pelvis he fucked his tight slick fist.
That’s it, my little whore… pump those sweet hips for me… fuck your hand… Show me how badly you want to come for me…
The words exploded in his head, and sent cascading ripples of white hot need down his spine.  Josh’s hands shook as he pulled down on his balls trying to keep himself from coming without permission. Twisting his other hand around the head of his cock on every stroke, he fought the blinding force of the orgasm that threatened to envelop him.
For what felt like hours, he begged that small part of his subconscious mind where his imagined Master dwelled.  He begged to be allowed to come.  Even though he was only really begging himself for permission, Josh savored the torment.  Edging was one of his favorite things because it made the orgasm that much more intense.  The rare times he controlled his own pleasure, he always held out as long as he could.  Just as his balls drew up close to his body and his cock became impossibly hard, he heard the voice again.
I want you to shoot in my hand boy… Come all over my fingers and I’ll let you lick them clean.
 The arbitrary thought, something that he’d never consciously considered, triggered the eruption in his groin.  With a low grunt, Josh pumped semen onto the center cushion of his worn leather couch, splotches of pearly come dotted the contrasting brown surface.  His vision swam in front of his eyes as the alcohol and the orgasm fought his consciousness.

Copyright (c) 2011 - J. P. Barnaby

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A beautiful review

When I met Devon Hunter for a lunch a few weeks ago, I left him with a signed copy of Little Boy Lost: Enlightened to thank him for answering some questions and helping with research on another novel. Being the eternal optomist, I expected him to politely thank me and toss it into an overflowing book case. (I'm merely guessing by his quick wit and extensive vocabulary that his book cases are overflowing)

On Friday, I saw several comments from him on Twitter (as shown above) that made my whole day. Not only did he take the time to read the book, but he gave it a heartfelt recommendation to nearly two thousand followers. For me, as a woman writing gay romance, it was honestly the highest compliment for a gay man to tell me that he felt my portrayals are realistic and affecting, as Devon had.

I am excited and humbled by the success that Enlightened has had, and I only hope that the rest of the series can live up to the expectations set by the first novel.