Wednesday, April 27, 2011

English Teacher outed as erotic novelist

"A series of racy romance novels by an author named Judy Mays are a little too racy for some parents in our area, especially now that they have discovered the woman known as Judy Mays is teaching their children.

Many parents might admire a high school English teacher who is also a published author, but some parents in Snyder County said what their children's teacher is writing about in her spare time might be a little too hot to handle."

Original Story:

My response:
This story was slanted completely against a dedicated teacher by small minded people. I was wondering if you planned to even out the story with opinions from people who either don't care what their kid's English teacher does in their spare time, or applaud the woman for keeping her skills practiced and up-to-date.
I write erotic novels. What I write has absolutely nothing to do with my day job just as it has nothing to do with hers. It's not like she sits and writes salacious scenes while her kids are taking an exam. It is ludicrous to assume that one activity encroaches on another, or that her students will be harmed in any way by something that has nothing to do with them.
My civics teacher taught us that news reporting is an unbiased account of events in the search for truth. Apparently, your English teacher has a better grasp on her subject than he did on his.
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  1. Wonder if you'll hear anything back. I'm with you on this one. Completely.

    *shakes head and sighs at the small-mindedness*