Saturday, March 19, 2011

Interview with Fiction Vixen

Enlightened is the first book in your Little Boy Lost series. It’s a coming of age story of two young men who face the challenges of realizing their sexuality and the fears of coming out. The two protagonists are under the age of eighteen and you have written graphic sex scenes into the story. What do you think readers should know before reading Enlightened?

I think people should understand that I try to write my characters as realistically as possible. It’s not uncommon for teenagers to have sex before they turn 18, especially in a very small town with little else to keep them occupied.  The scenes are detailed, but the context is sweet and emotional. The impact their physical relationship has on their lives is important. In fact, I was unable to submit to several publishing houses because of their ages. It was suggested that I make them a year older, but I decided to protect the story.

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