Saturday, January 1, 2011

Interview with Michele & Jeff Reviews

Want to know more about J. P. Barnaby? Michele & Jeff Reviews has posted an interview with me - 

How much of yourself and the people you know manifest into your characters? How do you approach development of your characters? Where do you draw the line?

I do tend to put pieces of myself into my characters where appropriate. Master Ethan from The Forbidden Room series id based heavily on my own mannerisms, fears, and quirks. In developing my characters, I use Microsoft OneNote 2010 and attach images that I think represent them so that I can better describe their physical characteristics. I have also taken different personality questionnaires that I have found and used them to answer questions about how a character will react in certain situations based on their perceived personality traits.

As I've mentioned, realistic, three dimensional characters are essential to driving a story and leaving an impression with the reader long after they've finished the novel.

With regards to drawing a line - I have not yet found that I have that distinction.

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