Sunday, January 30, 2011

Character Interview - Sean (The Forbidden Room)

Sean is the 24/7 submissive who belongs to Nicole that Jayden and Ethan played with as part of Jayden’s Dom training in The Forbidden Room.  Beautiful and sweet, Sean became an instantly loved character as his puppy love crush on Jayden made Ethan wickedly jealous.
An excerpt from their session:
“Do you want to serve us, Sean?”  I asked from behind the boy, very low in his ear.  “You may leave if you wish.”  I ghosted my hand over his chest and his breath caught.
“No…I…I want to stay.” His voice was barely above a whisper.  It was the first time he had spoken, and his tone was shy, reverent as he addressed us.  I liked that.
“I’m not sure I believe that,” I said, with a hint of a smile at Ethan over the boy’s shoulder.  He winked back.
“I do, Sir.  I do want to stay…Please….” he implored, no doubt frightened of what his Mistress would say if he left.
“Show me,” I said, turning him slowly and looking into his face, he paled slightly.
“H…How Sir?” he asked nervously, but I saw that his cock grew noticeably harder.
“Have you ever sucked a man’s cock before, boy?”  I asked, and he shook his head slowly, a look of blank incomprehension on his face.
“On your knees then, I’ll teach you,” I said to him, reaching out to stroke his face, I wanted his first experiences to be a little different than mine.  Ethan had been fairly careful with me, but he had not been tender or kind by any means. This kid was barely over eighteen, he needed more care than I had been shown.  When he got to his knees quickly, I stepped forward so that my cock was just inches from his sweet berry-colored lips.
“Kiss it, Sean.” I held my cock level, so that he could touch his soft lips to the tip.  “That’s it…Now lick the head….” He stuck his tongue out tentatively and licked the head of my cock.  I was so hard I thought I might just come all over his sweet face right then, but I held it off.  “Now the shaft,” I managed to get out in a strained voice.  For a kid with no experience, he made me feel like a teenage boy.  As he licked me, I decided I was going to blow much too soon if we kept going.

 [J. P. Barnaby] Hey Sean, I’ve missed you.  How have you been?
[Sean]  I’ve been really good, learning a lot from Mistress. She’s amazing.
I’m glad. We haven’t seen a lot of you since The Forbidden Room. Are you looking forward to coming back in Community Service?
Do I get to play with Master Jayden?
Yes, you get to play with Master Jayden. I love that sweet little blush too, by the way. It’s sexy…. Yes, that’s the one.
Thank you.  If I get to play with Master Jayden again, then I’m definitely looking forward to the new story.  Are we in the playroom with Master Ethan?
Sean, I thought I was supposed to be the one asking the questions here. And actually, no, you won’t
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude.
[In a whisper] You won’t tell Mistress, will you?
No, sweet boy, I think this time we’ll let it slide.  Sean, tell us about Ryan. How do you guys get along?
We get along okay. Mistress wishes that we were closer, but I think he’s kind of mad at me for having a session with Master Ethan. I know that he’s Mistress Nicole’s sub, but I think he’d much rather be Master Ethan’s.
Has he said that?
No, but you should have seen him when Mistress asked him to take care of Master Ethan’s house while he was in Chicago. You’d think Ryan had hit the lottery or something.
Are you jealous that he got to live there for a while?
No, it’s not like…  Uhm, no, Mistress wanted Ryan to do it.
It’s not like what, baby?
It’s not like…like Jayden was there.  They were all in Chicago.
Sean, tell us about Jayden. What it is that you like about him?
Oh my God, he’s just…he’s beautiful. During our session, he was really gentle and sweet. It was like he cared about me, like he wanted to take care of me. Then when he took me, oh man, it was nothing like when Mistress does it with a toy. I felt really connected to him. God, I’d love to be his boy.
Okay, I think we’re out of time. Is there anything else you wanted to say Sean?
Just that, if you could find a way to do it, I’d love to hang out with Jayden and Ethan more.

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